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After the recent CD re-issue of the HAIKU album, there is a huge and unexpected surprise for all Don Ellis fans like me : a new Don Ellis CD, a concert from 1978 in INDIA !!! GO GO GO on the Sleepy Night Records site to get it !!!!


Description : http://www.sleepynightrecords.com/images/don-ellis-cover-275.jpg


The biography written by KEN ORTON has finally been released, it is available on line on the ShopMybook site.

There are 3 volumes, more than 1000 pages and a lot of rare pictures from the incredible Ken’s collection.

Here below the cover page from the Volume 2:




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The music of Don Ellis is eccentric, powerful, and incredibly beautiful.


Don Ellis was born in 1934 in Los Angeles, and he died in 1978 in Hollywood

Highly talented trumpeter, Don has also been an exceptional band leader and a fabulous composer.


Thanks to his exotic rhythms, his never-ending pieces and his explosive solos,

Don Ellis has created a rich music, endowed with a certain humour, which contributes to make him a captivating character.


He set up his own orchestra in 1966, when he was 32 years old, after some brilliant experiences as soloist.

During 12 years and nearly one album per year, Don has continually renewed his orchestra in terms of sound and style.


In 1967, he adds some indian influences and mix them with the afro-cuban percussions alredy in place.

In 1968, the electronics intrudes in the orchestra : his amplified trumpet initiates the energy which will never leave the orchestra.

In 1969, it’s the perfect fusion with pop music, and in 1970 it’s a new height in terms of sound creation.

In 1971, the strings surge in the orchestra, obviously amplified, and it floats like a perfect atmosphere.


And it continues : 1972, with new sounds, always more modern, and rhythms, rhythms again

In 1973, we take off with the album Soaring, and we land in Japan, on the same year, with a rarely pure sound.


His health problems starts the year after, while his music was becoming enriched with the magic voices from Brasil

In 1977, one year before his passing, Don Ellis offers the best, like an hymn to the imagination and to joy.


Don Ellis will remain for me (and for many other fans in the world) as a genius never equalled.

Thanks to his free mind, his rhythm curiosity, his world cultural passion, his astonishing talent and his imagination,

the albums of the DON ELLIS ORCHESTRA will remain forever some rare masterpieces, that I listen indefinitely…