I’ve been looking for Don Ellis albums for a long time.

Before the Net, it was quite impossible to find any LP of the Don Ellis Orchestra in France.

Then I indefinitely listened to « Montreux » and « Underground » which I got from my trumpet teacher.

I even did not know how many LP’s were recorded, and I was searching desperately in every record store.


Then Napster came (and the sleepness night also…) and I finally discovered all these pieces which I never heard before!


I had the idea to create some kind of « Don Ellis Greatest Hits » because I used to dream about such a thing when

I was unlucky during my LP research : what a joy it would have been if It could exist at that time…

Neither today, it doesn’t exist any “Best” of the Don Ellis Orchestra, then I decided to undertake this action !



The 1st compilation regroups some extracts from my 12 preferred albums, beginning with « Live in 3&2/3 4 time »


The 2nd shows the crazy diversity in Don Ellis work: jazz, japan et star wars !


The 3rd is a collection of some unavoidable pieces, which are away from the 2 compilations above because of their long-lasting.


At last, after a statistic loop about the number of pieces from each album among all the pieces in my 3 « Greatest Hits », I realized

that it was necessary to put some albums higher up. It was just a pleasure to put this right, then go-ahead for a  4th compilation

called FUN JAZZ, in reference to the liner notes from Nick Di Scala in the « Live at Montreux » CD.


Then you can click on every compilation, in order to see the list of tracks ans also to discover the both sides in real size!






“If one takes all the styles in jazz harmonically from the earliest beginnings to the latest experiments,

    he still has a rather limited scope when compared to the rest of music in the world”   Don Ellis