There is not a lot of sites about Don Ellis, and if you are a fan, you already know all of them….


Then, I added some « surprise » links, more or less related to the Don Ellis Orchestra !





First, the site of Todd, the best because : passionate, complete, funny and beautiful !    

Todd Fronauer plays Valve Trombone and he recently did the cover design of the « Pieces of Eight » album





The site of Matt, full of unusual feature and rare informations, his « album review » is great, 

Matt Endahl is a real fan, he even put the « liner notes » of the Don Ellis albums on the site!





The site of John, and his project of movie : nice pictures, and some amazing extracts of the movie to come…

John Vizzusi conducts this movie project since a long time, if you support him, he sends 2 DVDs about Don!







Then the “unavoidable” sites about Don, for the real fans  :

DON ELLIS INFO SHEET : a kind of original bible of Don Ellis on the Net

A FINAL ANALYSIS from John Killoch (complete interviews, rare pics...)

UCLA ETHNOMUSIC : musical archives from Don Ellis !





And then we go for the surprises :




The Woody Herman orchestra, in Nice Jazz Festival (the best in France), with a piece which could make you think

to some Don Ellis stuff… especially with the-end-which-never-ends-if-you-see-what-I-mean…..






Miles who plays an incredible piece from Prince, in Paris, a few weeks before his death : he has always been the most modern jazz musician !






A site dedicated to Bill Chase, this former solist from Woody Herman was a prodigy, and his group of crazy trumpets

was a real treat, it’s an interesting mix between Pop and Jazz by the way, like Don Ellis did also at that time.





Maynard Ferguson at the time of the Stan Kenton orchestra, and the trumpet seems..…well…..EASY !





Ad to finish, a real curiosity, quite wild I think, during an american show called the Summer Music Games !!

The Blue Devils offer a good medley of Don Ellis music, in a stadium not really « crowdy », a bit weired…