This is a page with some pieces still hard to find, because not yet re-issued or out-of-print.


Do listen…..listen……..listen again…….share with your friends…..listen again…..again and again…..




Let’s start with the 1973 album HAIKU never re-issued on CD, but maybe one day, who knows, let’s dream !





                                            1 . Children

                                            2 . Blossoming

                                            3 . Water jewel

                                            4 . Cherry petals

                                            5 . Forest

                                            6 . Summer rain

                                            7 . Two autumns

                                            8 . Mirror-pond of stars

                                             9 . Parting

                                            10 . Dew




Then, a few pieces without any link between each other,

And sometimes without relation at all with the Don Ellis Orchestra, incredible isn’t it ?


Spring Affair    [Karin Krog supported by Don Ellis, beautiful…a bit pastoral]


Quintile           [Stan Kenton Orchestra, revisited by Johnny Richards, bewitching]


Knock yourself out   [Tower of Power, the famous magic horns in a kind of Ellis-style-rhythm...]


Bella Coola      [Michael Shrieve, former drummer from Santana, extract from the terrific Stiletto album]