you HAVE to see Don Ellis and his orchestra in action to realize the incredible atmosphere of the music.



The extracts below are from different periods, let’s say between 1967 and 1977, and it finally seems that

these 4 bands are NOT the same band, because the evolution of the Don Ellis Orchestra was so much fast!




Art&music     7min 11s                                BlackBaby        2min 9s

N e w     H o r i z o n s                                Featuring  P a t t i  A l l e n




 77show       2min 57s                                 Tanglewood         2min 6s

 O P E N   W I D E  ! ! !                                 "Electric"   Indian   Lady...


Aaaah! The famous Don’s Intro, pretty hard to follow….but so funny !


 Intro  BULGARIAN  BULGE                            Intro   NEW HORIZONS

 Feel like a bulgarian peasant !                    Sometimes 2+3, sometimes 3+2…



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